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"Jumpstart webinars gave us a way to connect with students across the nation. We hosted “Meet Your Recruiter,” providing them insight into Lyft’s culture, as well as tips & tricks for interviews, creating an amazing candidate experience, even from far away!"

Deitrick Franklin

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CSV Upload & ATS Integrations

Inclusive Sourcing & Filtering

Jumpstart's Virtual Recruiting Capabilities

ROI Analytics

Branding & Custom Forms

Effortlessly engage people through informative and engaging virtual events. These are hosted using the Zoom web conferencing platform, allowing for real-time messaging. 

Simply create the event, invite and launch!


 Select guests for your next virtual event from any source by uploading a CSV file.

Jumpstart is an integration partner with Greenhouse, Workday and Lever.  Connect your ATS and automatically import your applicants. Filter through them and apply custom tags and notes that will 2-way sync in Jumpstart and your ATS.

Over 47% of our early career talent network self-identifies as members of underrepresented groups. 

Add them to your guest list and filter through all of your guests using our robust filter set, including gender & ethnicity.

Make a great impression by sharing in-depth information about your event while showcasing your talent brand— customize the invite email and include elements like a gallery on the event page. 

To get to know your guests better, add a Custom Form for guests to fill out at RSVP & Check-in.   

See the end-to-end impact of your virtual recruiting strategies on your hiring funnel from invite, RSVP, attendance, to closing a hire.

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